"The computer tells you the Mood of the music automatically and in real time."
"What for???"
"For immersive sensorial experiences."

Music technology research

During his year at the IRCAM lab in Paris and his PhD at the Music Technology Group in Barcelona, Cyril Laurier gathered knowledge in real-time audio analysis,  machine learning  and artificial intelligence. Given the large amount of music and sounds we have today, it is difficult to find easily the type of music you are looking for. Music research labs explore AI and imitates the human brain in order to process large quantities of audio data instantaneously.

At Hand Coded, we are applying our knowledge of music and AI for artistic purposes. With our deep understanding of music technology and of the artistic aspect of the projects, we can help develop new kinds of concepts and experiences.

Real time audio analysis

What exactly can we extract in real-time from the music? Thanks for asking! Here's what we've looked into so far:

  • Mood   Happy/Sad/Calm/Angry (Cyril Laurier PhD)
  • Beat (thanks to Paul Brossier, another PhD :-) )
  • Onset
  • Energy
  • Dissonance/Harmony
  • Drop/Build
  • Genre
  • more can be done based on projects needs

Performance and composition software

With the same audio background, the knowledge gathered in real-time sound processing allow us to create and design any kind of composition machine like we did for Beardyman, the Bionic Orchestra and the Miroslav Philharmonic.