We are a collective of creative and technical designers that bring a space, a live performance or an art piece to life by making it responsive and intelligent.  We create custom software and adapt existing technologies to create new types of experiences. Our leitmotiv: seamlessly leverage technology to create better experiences.

We typically work on a project from concept to production. During initial brainstorms, we like to suggest technologies and methods that take ideas to the next level.

We love being the technical mastermind behind an artist's idea as much as we like to create a piece from the ground up. We have a large network of artists, experience designers, audio and video engineers, costume designers, technology providers,... we work with to be able to tackle all aspects of a project. We also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with new teams!


Cyril Laurier has a PhD in Music Technology and investigated ways to detect emotions in music using machine learning. While working with artists, he conducted European research projects and published his work in journals, books and conferences. He likes to play with new technologies, solve problems and eventually make little robots.

Maya Mouawad has a Masters degree in Art and New Technologies. She started her career in 3D animation, leading the development of several animated tv series. She is interested in the way technology can trigger emotions and in creating algorithms to generate designs and animations. Using her experience in 3D animation and her focus on artistic expression, she invented a new way to work with LEDs with the software Ledotron. Along with scientific degrees, she also studied acting and scenography.

Stephanie Huerre uses science and technology to inform and enhance design. Notably, during her 10 years at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D, Stephanie led the development of a 3D AI simulation tool to study crowd flow and user experience in theme parks and introduced new ways of approaching design utilizing sustainable thinking.  Stephanie has a Master in Art and New Technologies, and studied Sustainable Design. And she likes to bicycle.


Romain Tardy // visual artistBeardyman // musicianPablo Valbuena // visual artist, Adrien Mondot & Claire Bardainne // performersMaotik // visual artistEzra // musician, Pedra // artist and costume design, Jesse Watts // sound engineer, Paul Brossier // PhD Prof. and developer for music, Thomas Aussenac // sound designer, Tom Magnier // Electronic engineer, Joan Sandoval // creative coder



Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Real-time development, Audio Processing, Generative Animation, Projection mapping, Concept design, Sustainable thinking, Project management. 


Autodesk Maya (generalist), After effects, Touch Designer, Photoshop, XCode, MadMapper, Milumine, Ableton Live, HomeMade LedStrip animation and control software: Ledotron.


DMX, Artnet protocol,Kinect 1&2, Leap Motion, Augmented Reality, Tracking, iOs, Android. Arduino.


C++, OpenGL, Openframeworks, ObjectiveC, SceneKit, Python, Max MSP, Shaders, VST, GLSL, WebGL.

We like to constantly learn, and enhance our knowledge based on a project´s needs. 


Give us your ingredients, we’ll make it work!
— HC