"Where's my phone ?!"

M. Benainous

Clubbing game using smartphones

Wizz World is an interactive installation that allows over 200 simultaneous users to vote for the next tune to be played using the movement of their phones while dancing.

We participated in the concept, the gameplay and the UI design. We developed the main screen's interactivity & animations as well as the connections with the server.

It was presented at the Moulin Rouge for Futur en Seine Festival in June 2013.


Client: Wizzworld Party, Stan Walbert & Adrien Winter

Concept : Stan Walbert, Adrien Winter & Maya Benainous

Production : Futur en seine & Stello Prod

Programming of the main screen:  Maya Benainous & Cyril Laurier

Design : Virginie Salvanez

Presented at: Futur en Seine in June 2013 in Paris, France