"Can you hold my limb please?"

V. Modesta


Music Tech Fest Performance


Viktoria Modesta is a singer with a bionic leg. She likes to give her leg a central role in her performances. As part of the Music Tech Fest 2016 in Berlin, she challenged a team of hackers to create a way for her to control the music and the show lights using the movement of her legs and arms, her voice and her brain. 

We ended up creating a show in less than a week that was performed at the Music Tech Fest.



Artist: Viktoria Modesta

Production: Michela Magas & Andrew Dubber

Costume: Joanna Hir & Winde Rienstra

Interactive projections mapping and costume light: Cyril Laurier & Maya Benainous

Leg sensors and interactive music: Tracy Redhead

Light tour control: Jonathan Rutherford

LED skin: Katia Vega & Xin Liu from MIT Media Lab

Neuro brain sensors by Muarts

Organizers: Music Tech Fest May 2016 in Berlin

Presented at: Music Tech Fest on May 28th 2016 in Berlin, Germany