"Does the machine feel the music ?" - yes !

Music Tech Fest Performance - Hackathon

We worked for 4 days with a team of incredible people to create a unique live performance to be presented at the Slush Festival. Our mission was to design and develop generative visuals.

"It featured sounds generated live from the brainwaves of a blind singer, rhythms from the heartbeat of audience members, music grabbed from the air by a cyborg using her microchip implants, drumming by computer games producers, and stunning pixelmapped visuals, and groundbreaking registration of all complex creative intellectual property rights live and in real time on the blockchain." describes Andrew Dubber



Producers: Michela Magas & Andrew Dubber

Team: Jasmine Isdrake, Cyril Laurier & Maya Benainous, Dean McCarthy, Xico Teixeira, Luis Anjos, Rojan Gharibpour, Stefano Piermatteo, Don Gossen, Gautam Dhameja, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Riika Hänninen, Vahakn Matossian, Kosti Rytkönen, Kimmo Kari, Katariina Nyberg, Dmytro Izotov, Alexander Allen, Matthias Ströbel, Marta Arniani.

Presented at: Slush 2017 in Helsinki, Norway