"Trying communication with Aliens"


LED dynamic control with LEDOTRON, local network and special webapp. 

Connect to SAT ➵ See an animated version of 3 messages sent to space by Pioneer 10 & 11 satellites (1972, 1973), Arecibo radio telescope (1974) and Lageos space probe (1976). SAT then displays your IP adress on a 100 meters long, 25m high lightbox matrix, along with light signals to make it visible from far, far away from earth. 


Original concept, design: Romain Tardy

Sound design: Loran Delforg

Software development & electrical engineering: (Hand Coded)  Cyril Laurier

Production: MTA Festival

Presented at: La Nuit des Images on June 17th, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Line producer: Jesler Amarins
Sky desert, Hebei, China, May 2017.