"Does the machine feel the music ?" - yes !

OX  is a smart audio reactive DJ stage

OX is a co-creation between Romain Tardy and Hand Coded , produced by Tetro for The Absolut Company Creation. 

This DJ stage is made of moving LED structures and has the special capacity of making decisions on its own. The machine uses real-time machine learning to decide WHAT is going to be displayed, WHEN, and HOW,  depending on what the DJ is doing. It is a semi-generative music art system. Semi? Yes, because it has to respect what the artist has designed and decided, and control the quality of the final display.

OX was built to be easy to transport, install and uninstall. It has been touring in over 15 venues around France in the past 9 months and is still on the road. 



Making of

Stage pictures

Pictures taken during "Les nuits Blanches" in Paris, over the Invalides Bridge, with an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower

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Artist: Romain Tardy

Audio reactiveness concept : Cyril Laurier & Maya Benainous

Agency: Tetro

Mecenat: The Absolut Company Creation

Software Development, Artificial Intelligence & Electronic conception:  Hand Coded

Hand Coded Team:  Cyril Laurier for AI, Music Analysis & Electronic  / Maya Benainous for Ledotron / Paul Brossier for beat detection with Aubio / Tom Magnier for PCB design

Structures / Technical study + construction: Studio Julien Carretero

DJs: Solomun, Vitalic, La Mverte, Ben Vedren, Joris Delacroix, Saint Wknd, Zimmer, Marek Hemmann, Mathias Kaden, Monkey Maffia, Applescal, Kartell, Soul Clap, Moscoman, Sven Väth, Maurizio Schmitz, Alejandro Paz, Agoria.

Presented at: Palais de Tokyo, La Gaîté Lyrique, L'UBU, Zig Zag Club, L'envers Club, Le Sucre, La Sirene, La Belle Electrique, Badaboum, Le Bikini, Festival Calvi on the Rocks, in 2016 in France