"Why don't we make a robot?"

Cyril Laurier

Ferris wheel light and LED control system software

MGNTRN is a immersive experience in which a ferris wheel, projection screens, and 10-meter LED strips are synchronized in a massive light and sound performance. It was showcased in at the PROYECTA music festival in Mexico D.F in 2014. 

We worked with Romain Tardy to control the lights and LEDs. We created a software to previsualize, animate and control all of them from a unique timeline. We also had to design and build a robot that turns the ferris wheel control knobs based on music events. 

We wrote a software to control and synchronize every light of the show from the same timeline. Go to >ledotron page for more details.

Here is a demo of the little robot that controlled the wheel light panel. Here, we control it with an iPad. It is typically controlled by our Ledotron software to synchronize the movement with the timeline.


Original concept, design and animation: Romain Tardy

Music: Squeaky Lobster

Software development & engineering: Maya Benaïnous and Cyril Laurier

Production: PROYECTA

Presented at: PROYECTA festival on May 9-11th, 2014, in Puebla, Mexico