"Make something you enjoy"

M. Touitou

Visual and audio concept development, interaction design

Maestro is a series of 3 interactive experiences involving a projection on a 500-meter-wide monument, for the Sharjah Light Festival 2017 in the United Arab Emirates.

The sounds and visuals are generated as an audience member touches the surface of a physical model of the monument. Each mapping becomes a unique audio and visual experience.

  • SAND, the user plays with sand particules and generates a desert-themed soundscape.
  • ORGAN, the user becomes a DJ, playing with an interactive looper that triggers video and audio loops.
  • MOSAIC, the user transforms the shapes and colors of Islamic mosaics.

We designed and developed the interactions and the generative visual and audio content under the art direction of Mathieu Felix. 


Production: Nomada, TigreLab

Hand Coded Team : Cyril Laurier // PM & visual-audio Development, Maya Benainous // Concept Development, Stephanie Huerre // Visual Development, Thomas Aussenac from Sound Object // Sound design, Joan Sandoval // Audio Development

Presented at: Sharjah Light Festival from February 2th to the 11th, 2017