"Make something you enjoy"

M. Touitou

Collaboration in developing visual/audio concept and UI

Maestro is an interactive mapping that took place during the Light Festival of Sharjah. The projection was taking place on a half kilometer building, it needed 19 Video projectors. It lasted 10 days in February 2017. Only one user at a time was having the opportunity to be the Maestro.

Under the art direction of Mathieu Felix, we developed the interactions and the development of visual and audio generative content.


Production: Nomada, TigreLab

Hand Coded Team : Cyril Laurier // PM & visual-audio Development, Maya Benainous // Concept Development, Stephanie Huerre // Visual Development, Thomas Aussenac from Sound Object // Sound design, Joan Sandoval // Audio Development

Presented at: Sharjah Light Festival from February 2th to the 11th, 2017