"You hold the key to the future you dream of"

M. Benainous

Concept and creation of an installation for The House of Beautiful Business

Learn from the past and choose the path to the future. We are all responsible for creating the world we will live in in a 100 years. 

This installation invites you to envision an optimistic and beautiful future by transporting you to the realities and dreams of 1917 to the hopes and ideas for 2117. 

This installation took place in the "Casa de la Seda" in the heart of Barcelona.


Team: Stephanie Huerre, Maya Benainous

Production: Marc Mertens from A Hundred Years

Door restauration: Studio Alis

Presented at: La Casa de La Seda in Barcelona, Spain for the House of Beautiful Business on February 28th and March 1st, 2017