"We were expecting 4000 visitors...but 11 000 came!"

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LED system technical design and setup, with real-time editing using LEDOTRON

Future Ruins is a music and light performance using physical light structures. It was shown in Lausanne during "La nuit des images" in 2015. 

The challenge was to be able to synchronize the animation of the LEDs, video mapping and music. We helped Romain Tardy make technical choices to build the custom LED structures by hand and to make them controllable by Artnet. We also adapted Ledotron specifically for the project. We had another nice and fun experience with this amazing team!

View the press article

View the press article


Original concept, design and animation: Romain Tardy

Music: Squeaky Lobster

Construction structures: Julien Carretero

Software development & electrical engineering: (Hand Coded) Maya Benaïnous and Cyril Laurier

Production: La Nuit des Images

Presented at: La Nuit des Images on June 17th, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland