Slush Music // Music Tech Fest

Adrew Dubber : "Coming down after an amazing #MTFLabs week with some of the most brilliant people I know - most of whom had never met or worked together before, and yet managed to put together an incredible orchestrated performance in just a few days in the lead up to Slush 2017. It featured sounds generated live from the brainwaves of a blind singer, rhythm from the heartbeat of audience members, music grabbed from the air by a cyborg using her microchip implants, drumming (and more) by computer games producers, complex coding and datastream management by experts from Finland, Iran, Portugal and beyond, stunning pixelmapped visuals, and groundbreaking registration of all complex creative intellectual property rights live and in real time on the blockchain."

Incredible 4 days Hackaton with an incredible team, in Helsinki during the Slush Music !! 


Credits: Michela Magas, Andrew Dubber, Jasmine Isdrake, Dean McCarthy, Xico Teixeira, Luis Anjos, Cyril Laurier, Maya Benainous, Rojan Gharibpour, Stefano Piermatteo, Don Gossen, Gautam Dhameja, Juan Carlos Vasquez, Riika Hänninen, Vahakn Matossian, Kosti Rytkönen, Kimmo Kari, Katariina Nyberg, Dmytro Izotov, Alexander Allen, Matthias Ströbel, Marta Arniani.

Kinematope [Pommery] // Pablo Valbuena

In September we've been working on a another light installation Art piece for Pablo Valbuena. It takes place in the 50 meters stair case that lead to the Pommery's Roman caves in Reims.

It will be presented from the 14th Oct to the 31st of May, during the Gigantesque ! exhibition.

Here is the video trailer of the exhibition itself.


Future Ruins // Chinese Desert Edition

Romain Tardy, Laurent Delforge & Cyril Laurier

A few days ago, we were lucky to present Future Ruins with Romain Tardy and Squeaky Lobster at the first edition of the MTA Festival, near Beijing in China.

It was the most exciting adventure.

First the location was incredible. A desert in China...definitely in the top remote places for us to go and make an installation.

The nature there was stunning and the festival really huge ! It all looked like a space travel, a mix between stargate and mad max, another dimension.

In this crazy landscape we could make Future Ruins bigger than ever with the LED structures on the sand, occupying around 50 meters of dune.

The weather turned one of the installation run into a spectacular show, mixing the futuristics ruins with impressive lightning in the background, and rain shower as a big final.

It was a unique experience quite impossible to show or explain. 

Can't wait to come back to China !!!!

Cyril Laurier

> Read more in our web, and in Romain Tardy's web

Credits: Romain Tardy, music by Squeaky Lobster, Led control by Hand Coded

May in Berlin, June in Paris

Next week, we are going to a workshop in Berlin during the Music Tech Fest, in the incredible Funkhaus building. We will do some hacking for a bionic pop artist, called "Viktoria Modesta", with some other incredible and interesting hackers and designers.

After that, on the 31th we're heading to Paris where we'll be installing/setting up/coding a new creation for Pablo Valbuena. The event, where this piece is taking place, is called Km1, and for now we can't say much about it ! But you'll gonna see lights.

Eko - Article in Creators Project

One more publication in The Creators Project, this time about Maotik and in relation with a project we are looking forward to develop with Ezra for an immersive/interactive  sound and visual performance. We are so looking forward to work further on that project.

You can read the article here (if you speak spanish)


Hand Coded in Brussels

We travelled to Brussels this week for a work session with Romain Tardy, for his future installation on June 27th at the Musée de l'Élysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, during "La Nuit des Images".

Romain had the cool idea to build 12 metallic LED structures, that will be placed in the garden in front of the building. For this purpose we went to Brussels to help Romain with the electronic system and made a special adaptation of our software Ledotron. He's now able to control, in real-time, the light system and to create the timeline for the piece. This is going to be amazing !!

We also had a delicious chicken barbecue at Squeaky Losbter's house, who, appart from cooking chicken, is also making the music composition of the piece.


We're happy to present an installation we've been doing with Maotik and Ezra for Mira festival, past summer in Barcelona. Its just the start of a new collaboration and we hope we'll be able to work shortly in a Dome. We wish to create an immersive and interactive sound & visual show. Thanks to a real time improvisations of two incredible artists and the tools we are developing for be continued!

Kinesthesique sculpture

Last March we did a residence with Organic Orchetra, with the objective to build and create prototype of projects. With Roni Sax and Cyril and Ben Kuper we developed an idea that we are now looking to build. The concept would be to create a roof made of triangle's structure, were the joins are movables with motors. This would allow us to change the shape of the roof using the Leap Motion, as it was a Marionnette. We would also detect in real-time the position of each triangle to be able to project map on them animations related to the music that would play. We could also use some music descriptors, like music emotions, in order to have a movement behaviour that would be related to the music emotion.  This is the video explanation of the project...beware its in french !