House of Beautiful

The Mobile World Congress was in Barcelona last week. Since crowds of visitors come from all over the world, it's a great opportunity for companies to set up special events. This year Marc Mertens from A 100 Years in Los Angeles invited us to design an installation for the "House of Beautiful Business" pop-up event he was co-organizing in the "Casa de la Seda". 

Part of this event, the "Future is Beautiful" workshop invited the audience to envision the world we will live in in a 100 years by having us travel in time and take a look at the state of the world a 100 years ago. We needed a way to capture and share our beautiful creations of the future.

This door is a symbol of the steps to be taken to get to the future we imagine. The back of the door depicts the reality of the world 100 years ago in 1917. The front of the door represents the future in 2117, showcasing the visions generated during the workshop. The color that seems to be coming out of the half-opened door, capture the intimacy of the emotion that is hidden behind the visions we captured.


Special thanks to Studio Alis for helping us with the door.