Nuit Blanche // Brussels _ Gyrotope

If you're around Brussels next saturday night (1st of October). You can discover Gyrotope on the Esplanade of the European Parlement, an art piece created by Pablo Valbuena. In which we helped in the development of all technical creative tools for light and sound thanks to Ledotron. You'll probably see Cyril Laurier around there.


Gyrotope is a large circle of columns that describes a sculptural volume unfolding over time. It uses ephemeral and intangible materials -light and sound- to formalize an experience based on motion perception. It develops spatially the principles of film: a number of discrete elements becoming a continuous sequence. Gyrotope functions as a perimeter that can be traversed. The work shifts between object and environment depending on the observer’s position inside or outside the circle. Gyrotope was originally created for the Grand Paris Express.

When: Saturday 1st October, 7:00 pm > 3:00 am

WhereEsplanade of the European Parlement - Brussels

> Special thanks to Jesse Watts for his help on the audio patch.