OX Liberation

Yesterday was published a really nice article with our last project with Romain Tardy, driven by Tetro and for The Absolut Company Creation. Oh...but it's in French.

This Lightening DJ Booth system is very peculiar because it can take decisions on its own. The machine uses real-time machine learning to decide WHAT is going to be displayed, WHEN, and HOW,  depending on what is doing the DJ. It's a semi-generative music art system. Semi ? Yes because it has to respect what the artist has designed and decided, and it needs to keep control on the result quality.

Everything that the machine is displaying is a result of an infinity of possibilities, each time it may be the last time it displays it this way. So every moment is kind of unique.

It was a long adventure to create the Beast, and we are happy and proud to show it publicly.

Upcoming, a little video about how the dedicated software works. In the meantime you can look at some screenshot of Ledotron here

And if you can read french, you can click on the image to view the article ^_^