Future Ruins with Romain Tardy // Lausanne

We've been working on an immersive installation with Romain Tardy, Squeaky Lobster (Music) and Julien Carretero (Construction). For the "Nuit des images" in Lausanne, Musée de l'Élysée, Romain was commissioned to produce a dedicated piece. It transported the spectators into a wonderful light, shape, stone and color travel, with 12 points spatialisation by Laurent Delforge (Squeaky Lobster) and LED structures in sync with the whole piece.
Our software Ledotron was controlling all the LED lighting: 12 structures, 40 strip segments, 150 meters of LED (around 9000 LED) via DMX/Artnet and in real time during the show.

The event hit an incredible record of 11.000 participants, almost doubling from last year. The garden was crowded and people seemed quite thrilled by the immersive experience.