MusicBricks at Sonar 2015 - MusicHackDay workshop

We presented the #MusicBricks project to hackers during today workshop at Hangar. With hands-on sessions people are now ready to use the "bricks" to invent and make new things...let's see what they come up with !

The MusicHackDay Barcelona is a 24 hours music hackathon during the Sonar festival, starting tomorrow June 18th.
100 hackers will be there and many sponsors provide innovative tools, hardware and help, as well as great prizes for the best hacks.

The best hacks from the MusicHackDay using MusicBricks technologies will enter the incubation stage and the project will fund and support them toward a prototype.

MusicBricks judges will decide which hacks are worth incubating and offer a great opportunity to hackers.

MusicBricks tools:
MusicHackDay Barcelona: