Sharjah Light Festival // Maestro

Maestro is project we have been working on for TigreLab, and Nomada, at the  in February 2017. For this interactive mapping we had as a canvas a nearly half kilometer wide building. Probably the larger interactive mapping ever done.

On the podium, only one user at a time could interact and make the building animate thanks to the movement of their hands. 

Team : TigreLab for art direction and videos, Hand Coded for creating real-time animation and audio process, Sound Object for sound design, Protopixel for making the interactive surface

Hand Coded Team : Cyril Laurier, Maya Benainous, Stephanie Huerre, Joan Sandoval

OX // Video

At last a video of OX where you can visualise whats the "sensitive" machine is really doing when listening to the live music. There is no editing, everything is audio reactive, all composition is  made and manage by the machine, that control, screen, LEDS and motors. We are so proud about the result and we are looking forward to adapt the system to any kind of instalation to control, light, mapping,... anything ^_^

Kinematope // Paisaje Tecnico

One year ago like today, we were setting up this amazing installation for Pablo Valbuena. That was at the Telefonica's foundation in Madrid. An amazing experience with an amazing artist. No video were available at the time, now there is:

House of Beautiful

The Mobile World Congress was in Barcelona last week. Since crowds of visitors come from all over the world, it's a great opportunity for companies to set up special events. This year Marc Mertens from A 100 Years in Los Angeles invited us to design an installation for the "House of Beautiful Business" pop-up event he was co-organizing in the "Casa de la Seda". 

Part of this event, the "Future is Beautiful" workshop invited the audience to envision the world we will live in in a 100 years by having us travel in time and take a look at the state of the world a 100 years ago. We needed a way to capture and share our beautiful creations of the future.

This door is a symbol of the steps to be taken to get to the future we imagine. The back of the door depicts the reality of the world 100 years ago in 1917. The front of the door represents the future in 2117, showcasing the visions generated during the workshop. The color that seems to be coming out of the half-opened door, capture the intimacy of the emotion that is hidden behind the visions we captured.


Special thanks to Studio Alis for helping us with the door.

Kinematope [Pommery] // Pablo Valbuena

In September we've been working on a another light installation Art piece for Pablo Valbuena. It takes place in the 50 meters stair case that lead to the Pommery's Roman caves in Reims.

It will be presented from the 14th Oct to the 31st of May, during the Gigantesque ! exhibition.

Here is the video trailer of the exhibition itself.

Nuit Blanche // Brussels _ Gyrotope

If you're around Brussels next saturday night (1st of October). You can discover Gyrotope on the Esplanade of the European Parlement, an art piece created by Pablo Valbuena. In which we helped in the development of all technical creative tools for light and sound thanks to Ledotron. You'll probably see Cyril Laurier around there.


Gyrotope is a large circle of columns that describes a sculptural volume unfolding over time. It uses ephemeral and intangible materials -light and sound- to formalize an experience based on motion perception. It develops spatially the principles of film: a number of discrete elements becoming a continuous sequence. Gyrotope functions as a perimeter that can be traversed. The work shifts between object and environment depending on the observer’s position inside or outside the circle. Gyrotope was originally created for the Grand Paris Express.

When: Saturday 1st October, 7:00 pm > 3:00 am

WhereEsplanade of the European Parlement - Brussels

> Special thanks to Jesse Watts for his help on the audio patch.

Nuit blanche // Paris _ OX

On the Invalides's Bridge, with the Eiffel Tower as a background view, during la Nuit Blanche next Saturday 1st of October, you'll be able to appreciate the OX installation we worked so hard on, last year. The installation react with Artificial Intelligence to display light content using Romain Tardy's art and analysing in real time the music that will be playing that night with Margaret Dygas & Kiasmos.

What: Nuit Blanche - Paris

When: Saturday 1st October, 0:00  > 2:00 am

WherePont des Invalides

Press release in ADN

And if you're in Brussels that night you can see another art piece, on the Esplanade of the European Parlement we worked on here.

Credit Photo : Boby

Future Ruins // Chinese Desert Edition

Romain Tardy, Laurent Delforge & Cyril Laurier

A few days ago, we were lucky to present Future Ruins with Romain Tardy and Squeaky Lobster at the first edition of the MTA Festival, near Beijing in China.

It was the most exciting adventure.

First the location was incredible. A desert in China...definitely in the top remote places for us to go and make an installation.

The nature there was stunning and the festival really huge ! It all looked like a space travel, a mix between stargate and mad max, another dimension.

In this crazy landscape we could make Future Ruins bigger than ever with the LED structures on the sand, occupying around 50 meters of dune.

The weather turned one of the installation run into a spectacular show, mixing the futuristics ruins with impressive lightning in the background, and rain shower as a big final.

It was a unique experience quite impossible to show or explain. 

Can't wait to come back to China !!!!

Cyril Laurier

> Read more in our web, and in Romain Tardy's web

Credits: Romain Tardy, music by Squeaky Lobster, Led control by Hand Coded

Hand Coded has a new collective member !!

Coming back to Europe after 10 years spent in Los Angeles, Stephanie Huerre is joining Hand Coded! Stephanie has an incredible experience, she worked at Walt Disney Imagineering R&D, where she secretly invented amazing new technologies for theme parks. 

We know Stephanie since University in Paris where we all studied Engineering for Art and New Technologies. Back then we were already developing projects together and sharing long nights partying in the Oberkampf area ^_^.

Regrouping in Barcelona, we are ready for new challenges and experiences together !

Great to have her back on this side of the world ! 

Back together on a project since 2005 !! Making creative interactive mapping in Porto, Portugal. What a nice place to regather !

Left handed and right handed, we are Hands Coded !